Muku blog, a new adventure begins

June 08, 2017
muku design plush toy gift

Muku is back in english, for a new adventure full of funny home interior accessories.

Fun bags, cool plush toys, and more

Back in 2008 Muku was created, with in mind cool and fun licensed products, for kids and grown-ups.

With time the shop has evolved in an English version, with a blog.

Unfortunately, after changing technical platform, Muku has been only a French boutique.

Time was missing, and the new platform has been has been quite long to get through.

What is next for Muku?

But here is Muku again, with a new shop and new design in English, and this blog.

So now here is a new challenge for Muku, with plenty of ideas for the future... We will see!

But Spongebob Squarepants seems ready!